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Tarot Readings


Find the guidance to clarify life's turning points.

Mariah specializes in bringing clients to find clarity and illumination in a deep and meaningful way through the consultation of this ancient method. Readings are always held in sacred space, and emphasis is always placed on empowering each individual to make choices in the present moment that will be of service to their highest good. "I have grown to understand the depth of healing that can occur when using objects and symbols to understand a story. We all have a story -a belief- about what it is we are experiencing, or have experienced, but these are not fixed things. These are malleable through our own understanding and awareness of them. Tarot has been an excellent tool for me in helping to get people's stories onto the table, and for diving right into the heart of healing that begs to take place." - Mariah Makalapua

Sessions are held over the phone unless otherwise arranged, with in person sessions open depending on availability and need.

For INTERNATIONAL CLIENTS, special circumstances, and time zone trotters, purchase in our shop page for your session and email us directly to book.

Mariah Makalapua has been reading Tarot and bone throwings for over 15 years. She uses intuitive embodiment to provide spiritual direction through divine consultation, helping the client to illuminate needs.


CURRENTLY take place IN the portland metro area or via skype.

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