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Mariah Makalapua

Creative Director .:. artist .:. Mystic .:. healer

Mariah was taught from an early age to communicate with Spirit. For the past 15 years, she has dedicated her life to learning about the energetic principles of wellness, art, textiles, and ceremony. A young mother by the age of 17, she spent her 20's traveling with her daughter through Northern Africa and Central/South America, and has also spent time in Mexico serving as a psychic, tarot reader, yoga instructor, and wellness facilitator.

Under the study of elders, guides, and medicine people, Mariah has developed a passion for sustainability along with a firm belief that the impact of our actions will affect 7 generations from now. She is determined to live in a way that aligns with the best possible outcome for our Earth Mother and the entirety of life as a whole.

Mariah's allegiance to this work is apparent in her sessions, where she communicates with spirit guides, ancestors, and the client's higher self to relay information that urges to be shared. Through these messages, she believes that the paradigm can be shifted towards a sustainable future by providing healing, resolve, and enlightenment.

As the founder of Medicine Collective, Mariah seeks to commune like-minded healers, mystics, and empaths. Her background includes working with other mothers, children, and underserved populations, as well as a special involvement with indigenous communities. She embraces both traditional and grassroots healing modalities, bringing her own Polynesian heritage to her practice. As an art therapist, mother, activist, and empath, she cultivates a dynamic healing experience for all walks of life.


Connie reed

Elder .:. Herbalist .:. Empath .:. Healer

Our in-house herbalist and grandmother specializing in western herbalism and folk medicine. Connie has spent her life collecting and studying herbs, creating seasonal tinctures and elixirs that align with the moon and celestial cycles. Her products will soon be featured under our Apothecary Shop.


Dr. Rachel Clark, ND LAc

Naturopath .:. Acupuncturist .:. Bodyworker

Dr.  Rachel Clark, ND LAc is a doctor and acupuncturist. She implements a mind-body approach to healing by integrating modern and naturopathic medicine with traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She has completed post-graduate training in treating pain through intuitive bodywork and release (Kundalini Mediumship), auricular therapy, as well as biotherapeutic drainage.

Dr. Clark's goal is to alleviate pain and improve your overall well-being. She is passionate about helping to restore your body's natural vitality and bringing an overall awareness to your body's desire to resolve trauma.

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