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Intuitive Interior + Space Clearing


Energetic clearing for your land, home, or business

If you are sensitive to surrounding energies, you may have experienced the sense that something “just doesn’t feel right” in a room, or you may avoid certain areas in your home for no apparent reason.

Anyone can benefit from an energetic space clearing for their land, home, business, or office. Some benefits include chronic illness or allergy improvement, insomnia relief, stress reduction in pets and children, more abundant plant and wildlife, and an overall increase in health and wellness for all inhabitants.


Alongside a rigorous study of animism and spiritualism as practiced by feng shui masters, Mariah Makalapua of Medicine Collective incorporates her own indigenous roots through a psychic interpretation of the land and residing spirits. Then, by channeling the metaphysical arts and ancestral consultation, she identifies areas of blockage to successfully marry familiarities with elements of the material world. By working co-creatively with Spirit, Mariah is able to transmute toxic earth energies and return the space to a harmonious balance.

Do you have the space but don't know how to arrange it? Book a consultation to discuss aesthetic.


Intuitive interior and space clearing SESSIONS REQUIRE ADVANCED BOOKING
AND CURRENTLY take place IN the portland metro area.


• L A N D •

Mariah uses a powerful combination of energy modalities and ceremonial rituals to clear toxic energies from your land, boosting abundance and making room for prosperity.

Ideal for new home inhabitants, grief relief, and animal stress reduction.


• H o m e •

The place you go to recharge is just as precious as the time you spend in it. 

Specializing in new arrival and nursery blessings. In-home talisman creations also available.


• B u s i n e s s •

Clear your shop of clutter and intuitively guide your customers to purchase.

Ideal for medical offices, restaurants, or art galleries.



• O F F I C E •

Make space for productivity. Improve your workflow through intuitive staging.

Sliding scale options available for artists, students, and musicians.