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Lions Mane Tincture

Lions Mane Tincture

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Lion’s mane is most notable for it’s benefits in cognitive health. It’s also praised for alleviating depression and anxiety, boosting the immune system, and is a superb anti-inflammatory. Lion’s Mane stimulates nerve growth factors (NGF). NGFs help the brain process and transmit information, and rebuild damaged nerves. 

Our Lion’s Mane and Lion’s Mane + Reishi + Elderberry tinctures are a 1:4 dual extraction, full spectrum tincture (1 gram per 4 milligram of tincture). The dual extraction comes from a hot water decoction and 7-9 week alcohol extraction.  We use the whole fruit bodies in this medicine. Some methods use only the mycelium, making the process faster and less expensive but losing potency and even some compounds that only exist within the fruit bodies.  Nearly all the health benefits from the Lion’s Mane, Reishi and Elderberry are not bioavailable simply through consuming. They must be extracted through heat, water and/or alcohol for the body to receive benefit. 

So enjoy these rich, bioavailable medicines in high potency tincture form. All mushrooms are homegrown and handmade with care, and our elderberries are wildcrafted on the same land where we bottle!


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